What Are Free Relationships?

You just experienced a heavy parting and are ready to start something new, at least to start anew from scratch and meet beautiful russian women. And then just on the horizon, new acquaintances, new people, new sensations and you want to be with someone, but are not ready to bind yourself to the hands and feet again with the habits and life of another person. Or your marriage is cracking, and you want to give each other freedom with your spouse. And you are trying to find an alternative to all this, and find it in the so-called "free relationship".

So, what is this - free relations and how to treat them, in general, is this normal in fact?

What is it?

Free relations - a kind of communication, which in fact is difficult to call relationships. They mean everything that seems to exist between partners in ordinary pairs, more precisely almost everything: they do not have room for jealousy, lies, demands and claims.

Partners in them try not to become attached to each other and, in principle, live their lives simply by enjoying sex and having a pleasant pastime, while not encroaching on each other's freedom.

As in any relationship, free people have their own key aspects that should be adhered to:

The first, probably, the most important thing. Ability to share.

If you decide on this, you should clearly understand that your partner will meet with someone else, just like you. Think about whether your sense of ownership outweighs the desire to sometimes have sex with someone else. You need to clearly prioritize, so that when you come to your senses, it was not too late.

The second important factor is the priority. Despite the agreed freedom and the possibility of closeness with other people, each other should be in the first place.

Third is respect. If you think that the main purpose of such relations is to sleep with the maximum number of men or women, you are deeply mistaken. The basis of this kind of connection is to find the option that suits you. To achieve harmony with yourself and your partner. Therefore, you must come to such a relationship together, and not alone, and only allow yourself to cheat occasionally.

Advantage of a free relationship

-You do not owe anything to anyone. Such relationships are not burdensome and they can be terminated at any time. Perhaps this is the main factor why such relationships are the longest and most persistent.

Disadvantage of free relations

- Remember, what did your parents dream of, releasing you into adulthood? Of course, that your life has developed successfully in all respects - career, family, children. And, of course, it will be difficult for them to get used to the idea that you still don’t have a proper family. A free relationship cannot be reconciled with the family and children.


What kind of relationship to choose is up to you. Free relations are still for those who are not yet ready to gain a foothold on one thing, are not ready for marriage and are not ready to bear responsibility.

Freedom of love, of course, is good, only that at the old age there will be no one to bring a glass of water and no one will warm you up during a cold winter. Everything should be in moderation and temporary.